Villa Massa Limoncello di Sorrento 30% 50cl

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Liquore Di Limone Di Sorrento, made exclusively with the peels of Sorrento PGI lemons, think and rich in essential oils.

The cultivation technique remains true to local tradition, as the lemon trees grow at their pace. 

They grow oval Sorrento lemons under protective pagliarelle, hand crafted pergolas with straw mats and chestnut wood beams, set upon terraces of lemon trees.

Respect for their long ripening process means they harvest the lemons 4 or 5 times a year, in harmony with the natural cycles of this climate and the agricultural traditions of the region.  To maintain this balance with the natural resources of the area, rainwater is saved in tanks for watering the trees in the hottest, driest months.


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