Trevalli Olive Cheese 180g

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Formaggio Alle Olive

Soft cheese with creamy flesh, small holes, and medium ripening. Made from cow’s and sheep’s milk 100% Italian. It is a tradition of the Marche region to  cheeses in different ways: the custom of matching the taste of the green olives to the first autumnal cheeses date back to times of the transhumance of the ’ flock.


USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: For an optimal taste, remove from the fridge and keep at room temperature for a few hours before consuming.

Gastronomic Combinations

The   are excellent table cheeses and they are often tasted by the slice together with homemade bread or the typical “” of the Marche Region. Ideal to boost the  of your salad mix or to garnish baked pasta dishes. It is delicious in combinations with delicate and finest white wines.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurised cow’s milk, pasteurized sheep’s milk, chopped green olives (min. 3,5%), salt, rennet, selected enzymes. Free from preservatives, it has an edible crust.

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