Tre Marie Ancora Uno Chocolate Chip Biscuits 300g

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Tre Marie Ancora Uno Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Fragrant and slightly raw shortcrust pastry that smells of butter and brown sugar, as if it were freshly baked. 

The shower of dark chocolate in pieces is the delicious final touch.


Wheat flour , 19% cane sugar, 16% extra dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin , natural vanilla extract), high oleic sunflower oil, 4% butter , fresh eggs Italian from free-range hens 3.7%, dextrose, glucose-fructose syrup, starch, raising agents (sodium hydrogen carbonate, monopotassium tartrate), whole sea salt, flavorings.

The product may contain milk, sesame, hazelnuts and other nuts, therefore it is not suitable for consumption by subjects allergic to these substances.

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