Star Pesto Pomo & Pesto alla Genovese 300g

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In the juiciness of the Italian tomato you will find a surprise: a touch of Genoese pesto, for a surprising taste and an enveloping texture. 

A new sauce with an intense flavour thanks to selected and quality ingredients.

To taste Pomo and Pesto, simply heat the sauce in a pan over low heat before pouring the cooked and drained pasta.
Store at room temperature. After opening it should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days.

Ingredients: Passed 65% tomato, double concentrated 10% tomato, basil 9%, sunflower oil,  cheese grana padano DOP 1.8% (with dell 'proteins egg ), cheese pecorino romano DOP, pine nuts 0.7%, salt, 0.3% extra virgin olive oil, acidity regulator: lactic acid; garlic.
It may contain traces of: celery .

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