Sanpellegrino Cedrata 20cl X 4

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Cedrata Sanpellegrino comes from a refreshing and intense aromatic blend based on citrus fruits and with its unmistakable taste it brings a mix of colour and vitality to your moments of pause.

Be amazed by the bright color of Cedrata Sanpellegrino with its characteristic transparent yellow-green, and by the fine and persistent pelage that enhances the perfume with delicate notes of cedar and yellow citrus with a light touch of saffron and honey.

Find the moment to take a break from the routine and, whatever your idea of ​​a break, Cedrata Sanpellegrino will add that extra note of colour and scents you needed.

The trick to make Cedrata Sanpellegrino even more special? Add a lemon zest or a slice of apple, a sprig of mint, a slice of cucumber or other vegetables, such as red or yellow pepper. Serve it very cold, between 6 and 8 °.

Non Alcohol Italian Citron Drink Pack of 4 Glass Bottles (20cl)

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