Ricciardi Dry White Ciabatta 375g

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Typical product of the southern culinary tradition, the ciabatta are an elongated variant of the most famous freselle. 

They are ideal as an alternative meal for lunch or dinner especially in the summer.

 During the winter, however, they can be eaten as an accompaniment to soups and velvety as an alternative to bread or croutons.

 All our slippers are handmade with healthy and genuine ingredients, free of additives and preservatives.

 The traditional recipe wants the ciabatta to be wet with water and then seasoned with only tomato, oregano, salt and extra virgin olive oil.

 For those looking for particular tastes, we recommend trying the slippers with the addition of tuna or cheese.

May contain traces of peanuts and walnuts, contains gluten.
Keep in a cold and dry place.
Allergens: Allergens highlighted in bold can cause reactions in allergic and intolerant people.

Raw materials are checked upon entry into the factory. There is a control during the manufacturing and storage process of the product, in accordance with the HACCP procedures.

Packaging: 375 gr.
Taste: Classic

Flour wheat type "00" (91.5%), yeast , yeast, salt.

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