Prosecco Frizz Spago DOC NV Ruggeri 75cl

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Country: Italy

Region: Veneto

Sub-Region: Prosecco

Grapes: Grape Glera 80 ; Grape Verdiso 10 ; Grape

Perera 10

Tasting Note:

Pretty, delicately flavourful Prosecco that sparkles with

lemon zest, green apple and pear and finishes with an air

kiss of sweetness.


Grapes are pressed and their juice fermented at a

controlled temperature of 20°C, producing a still white wine.

This then goes through a slow re-fermentation in large

sealed tanks at 12°C - 14°C, giving the wine its

characteristic sparkle. It remains on lees for approximately

three months to give greater depth and complexity of


Vineyard :

Sourced from the Dolomitic ridges in the northern part of

Treviso, grapes are harvested from late September to mid-

October. Limited sun exposure ensures the Glera grapes

retain their delicate elegance, which translates through to

the wine.

Food matching:

The perfect accompaniment to salads, such as a Caesar

salad with grilled chicken, or a classic Waldorf.

Unique Selling Point:

Frizzantes have less carbon dioxide pressure than

Spumantes or Champagnes, resulting in a lighter, more funloving

wine. Frizzantes have less carbon dioxide pressure

than Spumantes


  • 75cl
  • 11.00%
  • Italy
  • Veneto
  • NV
  • Sparkling

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