Pinna Pecorino Romano (Sheep Cheese) DOP 200g

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Pinna Pecorino Romano (Sheep Cheese) DOP

A jewel of gastronomy, with a rich and complex flavour, slightly spicy, with a history that dates back to the time of the Roman Empire.
It is PDO: safeguarded by the Protected Designation of Origin. It can be produced only in Lazio, Sardinia (most of it) and in the province of Grosseto, and only with milk and rennet from local flocks.

It is made from whole sheep milk and to last for a long time with all its flavour and all its nutritious virtues: for this reason, it must mature from 5 months to 8 months. It is produced in large wheels weighing more than 20 kg. The rind is smooth, yellowish white, with the consortium brand that guarantees its origin and scrupulous production. The paste is white, hard, compact. The aroma is rich and full already when cut or grated, the flavour is intense, spicy, typically tending to salty.

Pecorino Romano is a fundamental ingredient of traditional recipes. It is simple, but precious and authentic: delicious to grate or taste in small pieces with raw vegetables.

Thanks to the long maturing, it is naturally lactose-free.



Sheep milk, salt, lamb rennet, lactic ferments

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