Paneangeli Rainbow Sugar Decoration 60g

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Rainbow balls

PANEANGELI   offers all fans a vast range of sugar decorations to decorate any type of cake, biscuit and snack and make the embellishment of a cake an authentic passion. Cheerful Rainbow Codette, Rainbow Balls and delicious Cocoa Codette: an explosion of color and taste to give a touch of liveliness to the daily dessert or to make many delicacies more elegant, refined and inviting! The decorations are all very easy to use and the package is resealable.

Confectionery decorations.
Ingredients: sugar, WHEAT starch , glucose syrup, vegetable concentrates (radish, lemon, black currant, beetroot), coconut oil, dyes: curcumin, brilliant blue FCF, annatto norbissin; glazing agent: beeswax.

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