Paneangeli Crema Pasticcera 2x75g

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Custard cream

The Custard paneangeli is easy and quick to prepare, because without cooking. In fact, it is ready in no time: just mix the contents of a bag with 300 ml of milk at room temperature, to obtain half a liter of smooth and homogeneous cream, with a fresh taste, with notes of vanilla and lemon.

Suitable for filling leavened cakes, cannoncini, cream puffs, custard, small brioches, fruit cakes, its taste can be customized with the addition of cream or yogurt; the Custard paneangeli can also be used in baking, and can be frozen and subsequently thawed.
More delicate than traditional custard, because without eggs, PANEANGELI Custard gives a magical touch that makes any dessert special.

Each 150 g pack contains 2 bags of PANEANGELI Custard 

Ingredients : sugar, modified starches (potato), extracted and ground vanilla beans, flavorings (with MILK ), coloring (carotenes).
May contain WHEAT, EGGS, NUTS, SOYA.

You prepare it quickly and easily, without adding eggs and without cooking:
• Gradually add the contents of one bag to 300 ml of milk at room temperature.
• Beat for 2 minutes with the electric mixer at medium speed or with a hand whisk, until you get a smooth and homogeneous cream.
• If you are using skim milk, add only 250ml.
• If you want to prepare the classic “Grandma's cake” to fill and bake in the oven, mix 250 ml of milk with the contents of an envelope.

Store the ready-to-eat product in the refrigerator.

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