Dececco Pennoni Rigati #39 500g

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Dececco Pennoni Rigati #39

Pennoni Rigati are a larger variant of the classic Penne and, thanks to their size, they are able to hold condiments in the best possible way.

The term Penne refers, in the Italian language, to the goose quill formerly used to write and which was cut on the bias to obtain a tip with a thin line. The format, obtained from a tube of pasta, smooth or striped, of variable length, has the characteristic diagonal cut typical of the writing pen.

Penne are one of the few pasta shapes with a certain date of birth: in 1865, in fact, a pasta maker from San Martino d'Albaro (Genoa), Giovanni Battista Capurro, asked for and obtained a patent for a diagonal cutting machine. The patent was important because it allowed fresh pasta to be cut with a pen in the shape of a pen without crushing it, in a variable format between 3 and 5 centimeters (half penne or penne). We read in the document preserved in the Central State Archives of Rome: " Up to now it was not possible to obtain the diagonal cut except with hand scissors, a method which, in addition to being too slow and expensive, had the drawback of producing a irregular cut and crush the pastes ".

Pennoni Rigati are excellent for preparing baked pies and are particularly suitable topped with meat sauces, vegetables or pesto.


Durum wheat semolina - may contain soy 


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