De Cecco Mafaldine #2 500g

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De Cecco Mafaldine #2

The Mafaldine belong to the family of long and curled dry pasta and are characterized by the shape of a ribbon curled on both sides.

Also known as "Reginette" or "Reginelle", they are of Neapolitan origin and were once called "Fettuccelle Ricce". They were then dedicated by the Neapolitans to Princess Mafalda of Savoy and renamed Reginette or Mafaldine, in her honor.

Once cooked, curled pastas, such as Mafaldine, have a characteristic and irregular consistency that differs between the smooth and the curled part of the format.

Another peculiarity of this format is the greater ability of the curled part to retain the sauce compared to the smooth part.

It is a rather versatile format, so the recommended condiments for Mafaldine are: Neapolitan ragù with ricotta, game sauces, fish sauces based on molluscs and seafood or white sauces prepared with soft cheeses and the addition of curry , saffron, horseradish or ginger.


Durum wheat semolina - may contain soy 

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