De Cecco Gnocchetti Di Zita #37 500g

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De Cecco Gnocchetti Di Zita

Gnocchetti di Zita are part of the family of very short straight-cut pasta and originate from Campania.

Much shorter than the Zitone, from which they take diameter and thickness, the Gnocchetti di Zita, thanks to their porosity, are versatile interpreters of dry pasta with tomato or soups and minestrone.

Gnocchetti di Zita are particularly suitable for the preparation of dry pasta based on different condiments ranging from meat to fish, from vegetables to legumes. The secret to a perfect recipe is that the sauces reach a sufficiently liquid consistency to allow themselves to collect inside the pasta.

They are also ideal for preparing soups or soups based on vegetables or legumes.


Durum wheat semolina - may contain soy.

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