De Cecco Egg & Spinach Lasagna # 114 500g

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De Cecco Egg & Spinach Lasagna # 114

Lasagna is one of the oldest known formats. Probably corresponding to the Latin "Lagana" (in turn deriving from the Greek "laganon": large sheet and plate of pasta cut into strips), the format begins to be known as "Lasagna" after the year The first traces of its widespread diffusion such as "Lasagna" are drawn from the writings of the most famous Italian poets of the twelfth century. "Peppercorn wins / lasagna by virtue" quotes Jacopone da Todi. Cecco Angiolieri, on the other hand, warns readers: "whoever makes lasagna from other flour / his castle has no wall or ditch".

Tasty variant of the classic egg lasagna, the egg lasagna with spinach is enriched with the mixture of tender spinach leaves for dishes rich in taste, aromas and imagination.

Lasagna has always been one of the best known and most appreciated formats of Italian cuisine, the most widespread and simplest recipe includes ragù, béchamel and parmesan as a condiment while, recently, the use of mozzarella has been introduced.

The delicious white versions are also quite popular, with mushroom or vegetable-based dressings.


  • Durum wheat semolina , fresh pasteurized eggs (23.87%), spinach leaves (10%). It may contain traces of soy .

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