De Cecco Crackers With Wholemeal Buckwheat 250g

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24 hours of slow rising

With mother yeast and sea salt

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The sheets of De Cecco Crackers with Wholemeal Buckwheat, expertly prepared with the addition of only Extra Virgin Olive Oil, are the result of a long leavening process with mother yeast that lasts 24 hours. The result is unique crackers for the perfect balance between the tantalizing crunchiness, the intense taste of buckwheat, the pleasant surface salting and the precious contribution of fibre.

Our advice: Always take them with you for a tasty and natural break or try them as you like, experimenting with imaginative combinations.

  • wheat flour

  • wholemeal buckwheat flour (11%)
  • extra virgin olive oil (9%)
  • sea ​​salt (1.3%)
  • malted barley flour
  • wheat gluten
  • mother yeast (0.4%) ( wheat flour , water, malted barley flour )
  •  of flour wheat malt, of d 'malt extract barley , yeast, natural flavor, baking soda acidity. May contain sesame, milk and soy .

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