Cameo Gelatine Spray for Cakes Professional 190ml

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Spray Gelatin 190ml

 Ideal for covering fruit, fruit pies and desserts (parfaits, pies, tartlets, Bavarians). 

Quick and easy to use, it sprays a cake evenly in a few seconds, creating a thin layer of gelatine with a shiny and smooth appearance.

Gluten free. 

Neutral taste.

Resistant to freezing, post oven use.
Excellent yield: 15 cakes of Ø 26.

Environmental information

These are cameo suggestions:

  • The BOTTLE goes into STEEL
  • The CAP goes into PLASTIC

Always remember to follow the rules of your municipality.




Spray a thin and homogeneous layer, keeping a distance of 25/30 cm from the surface.


After use, wash the dispenser with hot water.

Keep at room temperature even after opening. Also ideal for vegetarians.


Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

Contains: 190 ml

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