Cameo Fast & Creamy Vanilla Flavour 55g

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Fast & Creamy with Vanilla flavour.

Quick, easy and creamy! Enjoy your gourmet break without worries with the new Vanilla-flavoured Fast & Creamy and let yourself be conquered by its creaminess!
Just add hot water, mix and… enjoy!


1- Pour the contents of a bag into a 250 ml cup

2- Bring 150 ml of water to a complete boil (100 ° C) and pour it immediately into the cup

3- Stir vigorously until you get a creamy consistency ... and TASTE!

We recommend the consumption of the product lukewarm.
For the correct result of the product remember to bring the water to a complete boil (100 ° C).

Ingredients: skimmed MILK powder, modified starch (tapioca), sugar, glucose syrup, CREAMpowder, flavoring, natural flavoring (with MILK ), coloring (carotenes).

May contain WHEAT, EGGS, NUTS, SOY.

Store in a cool and dry place.

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