Bristot 1957 Ricciarelli Biscuits 200g

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Bristot 1957 Ricciarelli

Ricciarelli are undoubtedly the most famous of the traditional cakes of Siena and were already appreciated in the Middle Ages by wayfarers and merchants, noblemen, peasants and bankers alike. Now a well-established symbol of the city of Siena, they are a must“ on any table also in the Christmas season.


ALMOND PASTE (sugar, legumes – SOY -, peeled ALMOND 10%, modified potato starch, vegetable oil- rapeseed-, apricot kernels, salt, preservative: E202, flavours, food coloring: E150a), sugar, apricot kernels, water, candied orange (cubed orange peel, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, acidifying agent: citric acid, preservatives: E220), potato flakes, EGG WHITE, emulsifying agent: SOY LECITHIN, honey, flavours, vanillin, preservatives: E200.

Contains milk and derived products, cereals containing gluten.

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