Bauli Croissants Chocolate 6x50g

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The Bauli croissants are made using a long natural leavening process.
Water and flour are progressively added to the natural yeast to create a croissant dough without the use of chemical additives, allowing it to rise naturally. 

After 18 hours of leavening the croissants have the right softness, flavour and unique aroma. They stay fresh for much longer than regular bread or cakes, without any preservatives inside.

They are all individually wrapped: the perfect Italian breakfast or snack on the go!

Bauli chocolate cream filling croissant

Oven backed, Bauli croissants are made with high-quality ingredients, without artificial colouring nor hydrogenated fats.

Preservation: Keep in its own packing and in a cool place
6 x 50g

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