Barilla Mezze Penne Rigate #70 500g

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Barilla Mezze Penne Rigate

From today, Barilla Mezze Penne are even tastier. 

The secret? The careful selection of fine durum wheat grown throughout Italy and a more full-bodied shape, designed to give Barilla Mezze Penne a balanced thickness and extraordinary consistency.

Sauces of all kinds. Thanks to their dynamism, they match both traditional condiments and new and imaginative flavours.

 For a quick and tasty first course, try them together with pancetta, with a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper and pecorino. 

If you are looking for an idea with a Mediterranean flavour, let yourself be conquered by a simple vegetable sauce, such as a condiment based on aubergines, cherry tomatoes and capers.


Durum wheat flour, water.


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