Barilla Emiliane Tagierini Egg #173 250g

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Barilla Emiliane Tagierini Egg #173

Emiliane Barilla owes new life to culinary traditions .

For more than 100 years, Barilla has been bringing the best egg pasta to the tables of Italians . Everyday.

A tradition that from generation to generation, from family to family, from recipe to recipe, has never stopped, and that is why we believe that the time of tradition is not the past, but the present .

Because just as yesterday's dishes have been transformed into today's tradition , so the new recipes, if made special, will be the traditions of tomorrow.

Emiliane Barilla will be the ingredient of those who want to bring the present to the tableand that, by innovating in the kitchen, transform a pasta dish into a new tradition.

Emiliane Barilla, new life to traditions.


Durum wheat semolina,  fresh eggs (28.3%). 

May contain traces of soy.

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