Barilla Emiliane Paglia & Fieno Egg #171 250g

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Barilla Emiliane Paglia & Fieno Egg

La Paglia e Fieno Barilla Emiliane comes from the union of yellow and green tagliatelle, prepared by adding spinach to the dough of the traditional pastry.
The result is a very tasty intertwining of colours and flavours that gives joy to the everyday table.

Ideal with all types of condiments, both full-bodied ragu and lighter sauces, fish or vegetables.
For a recipe with surprising colours and flavours, try the Paglia e Fieno with coloured peppers, broad beans and chives. If you don't have time, simply season them with cream.


Oval Egg Nests

Semolina, Spinach and Fresh Eggs of category A

Cooking time: 6/7 minutes


Only fresh eggs of Italian origin
100% fresh eggs from free-range hens
New: rougher and more full-bodied dough


  • durum wheat flour

    Durum wheat flour


  • fresh grade A eggs

    Fresh Class A Eggs


  • Dehydrated spinach

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