Antico Frantoio Di Perna Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Hand-Painted Ceramic Bottle 100ml

Colour: Brilliant Blue
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Antico Frantoio Di Perna

by Antico Frantoio Di Perna - Exclusive to Italian Food Traders.

"Every bottle a work of art. Unique."

A pocket size bottle to carry your favourite oil with you at all times. These 100ml mini bottles are crafted with a smaller size and more intense colours than their larger counterparts.

Modern versions of ancient Lucanian urns, these ceramic bottles are handmade and painted by Lucanian artisans. Available in six different colours, every bottle is made from scratch from high quality fired clay with glaze and is completely unique. The perfect gift for weddings and special occasions.

The oil is made by skilled and dedicated artisans from a traditional family recipe using the finest quality olives, pressed in their own mill - an authentic taste of the unspoiled nature of Basilicata, in the shadow of the Lucanian Dolomites in Southern Italy.

Hand-picked from centuries-old olive trees by experts, and pressed within just a few hours, ensuring the freshest, finest quality oil.

Tasting notes:
Antico Frantoio Perna’s extra virgin olive oil has a balanced and harmonious natural flavour. Medium fruitiness with overtones of aromatic herbs, ending on a rotund note.

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 100% Italian
  • Cold pressed

Specially selected for Italian Food Traders and not available anywhere else in the UK.

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