Uliveto Effervescente Water 6x1.5L

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Natural effervescent and microbiologically pure.

Every day, the analysts carry out chemical, chemical-physical, bacteriological, organoleptic and visual analyzes for a total of 1500 daily checks, with a frequency of 1 sample every 15 '.

The water is subjected to a daily quality control plan through a quality system that is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 cert. CSQA n. 014 578 mg / l


The richness of the bicarbonate contained in the water helps digestion during meals and has an anti-acidity action if drunk on an empty stomach 175 mg / l


The bioavailable calcium of Uliveto is absorbed immediately like that of milk. It is essential for bone health and particularly suitable for pregnant and elderly women. 26 mg / l


Helps improve bowel function. 7.2 mg / l


It is functional to restoring the water and salt balance, especially after physical exercise.

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