Acqua Lauretana Natural 6x1.5L

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Lauretana is a premium brand in the Beverage world thanks to its purity. The water originates in the hydrogeological area of ​​the Monte Rosa glacier, which with its 4,600 meters of height dominates the border between Italy and Switzerland, and rises in an uncontaminated place at over 1000 meters above sea level, devoid of industrial and agricultural settlements.

The purity of this gift of mother nature is also embellished by another determining geological factor: before seeing the light, in fact, Lauretana water flows deep underground, crossing an ancient granite bed that protects all its organoleptic qualities, keeping it microbiologically pure. Granitic rocks, not releasing mineral salts, also determine the low fixed residue (14mg / l) which gives Lauretana its record lightness.

To preserve this purity in the best way and deliver it intact to our customers, Lauretana water is bottled a short distance from the source, through a process of "natural gravity" that allows it not to alter or destroy its vital molecules. In other words: Lauretana is born pure and reaches the customer in all its purity to be the source of his well-being.

PET line

100% recyclable!

In GDO Lauretana is present in 3 formats: the unmistakable blue PET of 1500 ml, 1000 ml and 500 ml, the smallest format dedicated to the world of fitness. The variety of formats allows to satisfy all specific hydration needs. The bottles, made of 100% recyclable PET, have been designed to be solid, ergonomic and allow for easy grip. On the label there is the guiding image: the silhouette of the pristine mountains, origin of the purity of Lauretana water.

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